How to: stop living in fear

This is important!! For the past years, fear has been my best friend and l didn’t know how to tell it to back off cause l was done following a one sided relationship. I started reading much about it, listen to TEDx, podcasts and reading the WORD of God and that have been helping a lot. I am stepping out, I am not exactly where I wanna be but I’m happy I am not that girl who used to be so afraid to speak her mind in the production meeting or anywhere. Fear does not live here anymore. Self-confidence does. This blog post resonated within me and I just decided to reblog it because this is something I really wanted to write about xx

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Welcome back,

On today’s post, we’ll be talking about fear and how to overcome it, in order to live out 2019 to the fullest. For I believe that fear is something that stops us from really living out our best lives and the inability to move past it, is what really holds us back from our potential. Me and fear are very acquainted with one another in my life (oh you have no idea haha). It can be said that with time, I have learned to not allow fear to control my experiences. Of course this was no easy journey nor am I there yet. As with any negative impulses that I find in my life, I work on overcoming it with faith, help and many many youtube videos from relatable influencers. One of these being Breeny Lee and yes I mentioned her on my past post here, but…

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