Stop, pause, breathe!

Please be patient with me,
I am growing,
I am building a new home for me.

I am learning to forgive, l am learning to move on, and move on for good. I am learning that it takes time to build dreams, it requires strength from every inch of your skin, bones, and soul. It requires courage from your heart and mind, it requires determination to keep going and not quit when the hour, the day gets tough.

I am learning to let patience take space in me, l am allowing peace to coexist with chaos and yet not overpower one another. I am learning how to be all that l wanted to ever be, to let go of people I’ve made shrines out of, protecting the hallow hauntings of nothing but darkness. I am learning to let go, let go of the old abandoned places in me that l had been calling home.

– Anjum Choudhary

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