Love is a beautiful thing!

I often see myself smiling from ear to ear whenever l see people holding hands sharing that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence-kinda love. It’s beautiful, and love is beautiful.

I am a believer of love and l am not saying l know it all but l know one or two things about it.
Over the past years, l have dated, I’ve hurt people, I’ve been hurt so much l look back l say hey, he must have really wanted me dead but l survived that and l moved on. When we get hurt, we don’t understand why, we ask so many questions that actually don’t have anyone to answer but, l have come to believe that God will never make us go through what we can’t handle!

I was on my way home and l met one of my closest friends Varaidzo, she’s gorgeous and in love. She was with her boyfriend who was to travel to America the following day (he went ) so that he can complete his studies and work as well. I read this quote, “Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation”. I was trying to anticipate both their feelings during the time but all l know is that it hurts but it’s still beautiful. The days they worked together and the memories they had together. That is something to always remember and cherish even when they are away from each other. And I’m so happy l got to witness their love. It was that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence-kinda love. Misunderstandings they had, but still loved each other and chances were given so that one can make things right, l mean that’s true. I remember some point at school, he had messed up and Vary and l planned to go beat him up at his Hostel then we run away 😂. This was silly and we never got to do it but l honestly wanted to. Eventually, l got to watch him become the Best Boyfriend Of The Year. So even if they part ways, it’s not forever, the will always find their love again and for that l can say, ” love is a beautiful thing”. Love is so beautiful l must accept because when she messaged me and said “he’s now going” l only said, “damnnn” and she said, “I’ll be with him soon”. Love made her strong and hopeful. Beautiful isn’t it?

My previous relationship was a piece of work ha, but l didn’t give up, because l thought l myself alone could change or maybe wait till he gets himself together. This guy was one quarter a great guy, l can safely say and the fact that he cheated makes him three quarters a bad guy but you know how it is. I moved from a broken place to a place where l got to understand that l had to be strong and move on. Love is beautiful and does not give up l did stay.

But l learned:

That heartbreaks aren’t there to break us but to teach us. To teach us that we don’t have to settle for less because it is available, to remind us of our worth, to help us know what we really deserve and how we can actually get it. It’s not easy to pick yourself up and safely say, yeah it looks pretty now but you should have seen how broke down l was. Love is so beautiful that it teaches us to be strong on our own, to understand the fact that the next person isn’t supposed to make us happy but we have to be happy on your own, happiness comes from within. It teaches us to love ourselves first before we can tell the next person that we love them. To be patient with ourselves and other people. Not to give up!
Love is a beautiful thing! What did love teach you?

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