SHE and her thoughts.

She is walking in the city, and the streets are packed with people and cars. It’s a lot to take in. High school kids, university students, money changers, vendors, a long queue of people waiting for a cheap bus, you know everyone trying to make a living. It’s amazing and crazy at the same time. People are trying to survive, they have hope! She is seeing all that as she’s walking, earphones plugged in, listening to music but her attention is shifted from what she thought she was thinking about something else. She stopped for a moment, trying to understand what she was thinking and feeling that time. Okay, she starts walking again because she wants to catch the staff bus that leaves in 10mins time.

She is speaking to herself. Her mind is communicating. THOUGHTS! She knows her God is watching and she knows He is within her. He is the only one who can understand these thoughts. One thought at a time as she is walking and observing the world around her. She wishes to change the world. ‘If the world could have a heart like mine’ She thought. Well, I don’t know, we can’t be the same right?
But God, I know the plans you have for my life, plans to give me a future and a hope. She knows all that! Thoughts are just mixed in her head, one thought after one thought and trying to confront all of them can be hard!

So, this is her, still walking and time is running out.

I want to be better though. A better version of myself. I want to reach for the skies! What if my wishes come through. God, I’m willing to wait but sometimes the wait can feel like a lifetime but I’ll hold on, I am holding on. I want to graduate. I want to have million-dollar ideas. I want to bring thousands of people to Christ. I want to have an amazing husband(tall, nice shoulders, you name it) I want to tell my story in a way that will change lives and perspective. A girl gotta dream.

She wants to treat people right! She wants to leave a LEGACY and she isn’t going to settle for okay! She is at a better place and being at that place has taught her a lifetime of lessons hella! She knows she is deserving and she is not going to stop dreaming. The sky is the only limit. She is looking to lock arms with women who are serious about personal growth, who want to serve others and build a legacy for their families and generations to come. She prays every day the Lord will help her to cross paths with those kinds of women, who want nothing more than to truly make an impact. Who are diligent workers, and willing to learn!

These are thoughts that are always (always) running in her mind, every day when she wakes up! When she’s alone when she’s about to sleep when she’s walking home, even when she’s talking to her Creator! Could that be wrong? That she dreams big for herself, her family and her community? These aren’t the only things running through that gorgeous mind and trust me her dreams are big that for a second she can just stop, smile and say, “I must be crazy, I must be losing my mind”. But she keeps holding on because she knows who she serves. A Father who is ABLE!!
But through all that, she’s determined to press towards the mark. She is willing to learn. She wants to serve God and his people. And she definitely doesn’t want mediocre! She takes every thought captive. What a dream. But is it even possible? Well, because she trusts God’s word, she knows it is possible. SHE IS STILL.

What l love most about her is that she isn’t afraid anymore. She is BOLD like a Lion. She knows who God is, what he can do and what he has done! She wants to try new things and do the things she has never done before that will lead her to be the person she was created to be. I know a quote by Osho which says, “Your mind is a garden, your THOUGHTS are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow Weeds”, and she is not trying to grow weeds but to grow only FLOWERS! Despite all the things going on in life, despite all the shit-storms and tears. She still believes! It’s in those moments that our faith is tested. Her own FAITH is strong and her HOPE is set. She believes she will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. She is CONFIDENT.

As she continues seeing herself moving mountains, she got distracted, someone came behind her and whispered, “Hey, you look good today!” And she turned to see who it was. It was her friend, she was so drawn in her thoughts that she didn’t realize she was literally standing by the bus. They got in together. She smiles and says, “God, you will never mismanage my life.” Better things are meant for her. Success is attracted to her! This life is a Gift!!

The Bible speaks often about the power of the mind and our thoughts. This is important. Our thoughts are very powerful. Even the Bible says, As someone thinks within himself, so he is – Proverbs 23:7. So if you think that you can’t do something, then you can’t. Our minds are powerful, and our thoughts shape who we are and will become. What do you think of yourself? Do you think you can make it? Do you think you are capable? I’m telling you, Arise and maximize your potential. It’s all starts in your mind. Spend all your time thinking POSITIVE and see how much you’ll grow. I read this book called Switch On Your Brain, Dr. C. Leaf says this, “As we think, we change the physical nature of our brain. As we consciously direct our thinking, we can wire out toxic patterns of thinking and replace them with healthy thoughts.” This says it all. Changing the way you think changes your perspective which changes how you act in the world. Having a negative thinking capacity can cost you! But one thing I’ve learned about her is that she is not speeding time thinking negatively, she is growing and having a mind that thinks positively can set your heart on fire and make you think of ways you can make your dreams come true. She is strong and a Phenomenal woman. A woman who doesn’t spend time thinking of what could go wrong because in her heart she believes She can do all things through Christ who gives her strength!

CHANGE YOUR MIND! And do not overlook the connection between thoughts and transformation.

Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. – Romans 12:2

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