‘A place of work’. My attachment!!

This might be pretty long but please bear with me.

The keenness to write this was well vested upon me since the day we were in our work space, the control room. One of my favorite Pastors, Simba Shamu got inquisitive about what I would say to my friends or lecturers about CMedia or to them about the organization and I was really dumbfounded. I mean ohh, I had a lot and nothing to say at the same time. But then I decided to write about it. Best.

I recount visiting my boss Tsitsi in February. She saw this as a stage to utter what she liked in me and it was mostly my persistence. She continued by saying God works in different ways and therefore granted me the attachment job. Right at the bode of her pre-orientation speech, she mentioned that I would be the only female working in that field. She then concluded by briefly introducing me to a few of them that very day. The thought of me being the only girl there was frightening to me. Oh my, I literally froze for a moment! But…..

My-excited-but-terrified-self started work on March 4. My first day there was merely a tour around the place ( it’s a big and beautiful place trust me) and being introduced to every one of my would-be colleagues. My roles were thoroughly detailed as to what CMedia will be expecting from me. What was the most fun about that day to me was watching a number of videos they had pieced together. They work very hard to tell Africa’s best stories in any possible way. That very morning I was overly excited that the day had come so much so I forgot to eat up anything. So I managed to buy a burger but eating it again, was a hassle because I’m the only girl there if you’ve been paying attention so of course I was bound to be shy.

One of the lads whose name was Clemence (now this one is a complete coffeeholic ha and Clemenceau is a very good person) He inquired about my degree program at the University of Zimbabwe and about my personal interests that end up transpiring in my leisure. I had to get sophisticated so I mentioned owning and writing my blog which happened to hold only three posts during that time.

I carried on by saying I like reading – a statement whose factuality wasn’t that reliable ha. I was introduced to Tawanda who is my boss’ Tsitsi inferior. Tawanda preached to the choir about my roles and what they believed in as an organization. He concluded by saying working for CMedia was going to be a breath of fresh air to me. He said, most importantly “you gonna have fun”. I smiled, “okay, thank you”. Dreams do come true!

Several weeks passed and I got to uncover my interests in the media industry. And I feel so challenged to do better each and every time. My interests include traveling for some shoots (I have always loved traveling), graphic designing, live streaming, editing, creating motion graphics. It’s a lot to grasp but I’m getting there. Trust me, I’ve learned and still learning a lot and I’m just happy and grateful for it all.

Our cinema craves resulted in us watching Avengers Endgame. Well, Thanos won the day and used the infinity stones to snap away half of all life in the Universe including the Black panther. I love the black panther, he reminds me of someone. So the scene with Black Widow and Captain Marvel plotting their vengeance with the other male heroes to fight the biggest battle they have ever faced was so relatable to me as I imagined my boss Tsitsi and I, I mean just the two of us females. Okay, lemme explain a bit on this, I did a little research on the characters of the avengers and I thought okay, let me match my friends with them why? For fun and because I want to. Let me start with me, I’ll be the black widow, I just love Natasha Romanova okay. And my boss T will be Nebula, strong and energetic (she is the ultimate boss) Suits her. Tawanda can take Captain America. And Thor Odinson Hammer-son is a very serious and funny man and he resembles Ps Simba, take it away Ps Simba Hammerson. Jay Jay would be the Rocket Racoon because he got jokes and he always has something to say. Taf Taf is Spiderman, he’s just way too fast, take this one Taf, chop time is money. Perkins will be the Groot! And Shep Shep and Dan both wanted to be THANOS, hmm well I mean okay guys. Oh I met Thandie and she told me that Clem can be Thanos because he Savage, in a very good way I guess, I had to write her input, take it away Clem, I actually wanted you to be the Ant-Man. So who the hell is HULK, hie Ropa (wink wink)?

So, at times they get in fun soccer arguments which always make me feel left out but still okay okay. The other day Shepherd was watching wrestling making all the wrestling noises which in turn invited all the other guys. I just looked at them and smiled cause it was just hilarious.

What I love the most about CMedia is that I do not only attain experience but I also learn about life, dreams, family, relationships to mention a few. It’s also admirable how much married men love their wives. How they join hands to perform their project assignments is amazing. The practice of saying prayers to ease the pains of a sick colleague is a benevolent act that I admire. This one unfortunate Monday I had the flu which I thought would ease as the day went by. However, it got worse and I could barely breathe with my blocked nostrils. I couldn’t help but cry but all thanks to Jay, Clem and Shep who prayed for me and I went home. My fondness towards this family grew tremendously because of the love they showcased. I love them.

I grew accustomed to the prayers and I’m to say we’re a team that also prays for colleagues on their respective birthdays. I saw this as a cool exercise but believe you me, the first time it occurred I fell speechless and could only utter the words “happy birthday” and spoke on behalf of everyone by saying “we all love you” which everyone found funny.

I work with blessed people so going astray is definitely not an option. And all the time I know when they instruct and task me, they are doing this for my own good and simultaneously doing the Lord’s work. Ps Simba is always helping me walk in the righteous path. He always asks me if I’m reading my word and praying and walking in the ways of the Lord and it’s such an amazing feeling knowing that I’m cared for and he needs me to be what I am called to be. And whenever I read the word and don’t understand I make sure that he’s the first person I’m to ask and he just explains it better for my understanding. He also talks about marriage every Wednesday [Capitalk: Mr and Mrs ] at 9-10 pm. Tune in or listen at http://www.capitalk.com.

I just didn’t write this for fun but this year has been filled with so many memories. Memories I intend to keep. Memories I never want to forget. I want to always remember how I felt to be part of CMedia, to be the only female intern working with a bundle of males. I want to always remember how it was for me to wake up every morning at 05:50 am and bath so that I go make myself proud. I want to always remember and cherish how my God-given brothers made me feel even though they might not know it but I’m glad to get to meet them all because they made a big difference in my life. They have a permanent place in my heart and they can never be replaced. Peace!