Who am I?

Hi, pleasant welcome to my diary about my personal life. My name is Charline Lorraine… Here you get to be in my shoes as I share my life encounters vividly with you, all the highs and lows of my life and high school experience, life lessons, friends who have had impacts both negatively and positively, the “let’s just be friends” friends that I don’t have anymore. My ambition and what made me want to take that path. I will share with you information about my family, the best family one could ever wish for. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, I will share with you tragedies I have come across and how I got up and continued with my journey. I will share with you a few quotes that motivated me during the darkest of times, certain predicaments I never thought I would escape but I did, some that I regret and some that I would still repeat no matter how many times I rewind. I’m going to introduce you to my crazy world and even crazier friends.

Also I will share with you some personal things such as my favorite movies, music, novels and how I feel about certain topics, and times I wish I can go back to, not to change anything but to feel the things twice. I’m not telling you right here (my introduction would be long if I did tell) so click and read…What are you waiting for? Don’t get hooked yet, it’s just an introduction, just another click and you would have unlocked the vault of my life, much more is in store.